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Immigrate to UK from France

Immigrate to UK from France

French citizens do not need a visa to enter UK, and can stay for up to 6 months without such a permit. Things change for French people who want to relocate to UK as specific permits are required. Our London immigration lawyers can tell you more about French migration to UK and can manage the formalities for relocation, in respect to the applicable laws.

Apply for a work permit if you stay longer than 6 months in UK

Normally, if you intend to stay longer than 6 months in UK, coming from France, this means you want to relocate. In case you accepted a job in UK as a French citizen, it is required to have a work permit:

  • Temporary work visa – you can accept jobs in sports, religious organizations, arts, entertainment, charity, training, research.
  • A visa for skilled workers – you can accept jobs in the public health sector, as an employee of a foreign branch, in a religious community, as a coach or sportsperson.
  • Visa for domestic workers – for citizens accepting jobs in a private household or as representatives of foreign companies.

If you would like to know more about work visas for French citizens, feel free to discuss further details on this topic with our immigration solicitors in London. The French migration to UK is a straightforward process that can be entirely supervised by our specialists.

Can I start a business in UK as a French citizen?

Yes, French citizens can easily start a business in UK, respecting the regulations referring to visas and relocation. A Tier 1 Investor visa, for instance, can be issued for persons who want to make investments of at least GPB 2 million. One should note that the bureaucracies for obtaining an Investor visa should start within 3 months prior to the relocation to UK. One can also apply for a Start-up visa if interested in registering an innovative business in the country. Here are the eligibility criteria for a UK Start-up visa:

  • Endorsement from a business that sustains young entrepreneurs and innovation is required.
  • One must present an innovative business idea to apply for this kind of visa.
  • A healthcare insurance is needed.
  • You cannot ask for public funds with this kind of visa.
  • Partners and children can be part of the Start-up visa application.

French people interested in business visas for UK can get in touch with our UK immigration lawyers and ask for support and assistance.

What can you bring to UK if you relocate from France?

Citizens from France who want to relocate to UK must follow specific rules referring to the things they can bring in the country. One cannot bring restricted or banned goods like controlled drugs, offensive weapons, endangered animals or plants, products that infringe intellectual property rights. We remind you that all goods must be declared at the UK customs prior to the arrival in France, and this task can also be made online within 72 hours prior to the arrival in UK. More about French migration to UK can be discussed with our immigration specialists who can help foreigners suitably prepare the relocation from a legal point of view.

Our law firm can also guide French citizens in the process of applying for British citizenship.

Driving in UK as a French citizen – Is this possible?

Yes, there is no need for an international driving permit in UK, meaning that your national driver’s license can be used in this country. However, your personal car must have insurance for UK roads. This is another essential aspect to consider if you immigrate from France to UK and want to bring your vehicle.

Relocate your company from France to UK after Brexit

Even though Brexit was introduced, and some immigration rules changed, the one regarding company relocation remains about the same. Therefore, moving the business from France to UK is relatively fast and straightforward. First of all, the de-registration of the company from the home country is made with the local authorities and a declaration in this sense, signed by owners, administrators and managers. Then, the formalities for company registration in UK and relocation of movable properties will be considered. There are no complications, and the entire relocation process can take a few days if support from a team of specialists is requested.

We present you a few facts and figures about population and immigration in UK that you might consider useful:

  • More than 68 million people are living in UK, as stated by worldometers.info.
  • UK represents around 0.87% of the total population of the world.
  • More than 300,000 foreigners relocated to UK during March 2019 – March 2020 intending to spend more than just a year in the country.

Interested in French migration to UK? You are invited to discuss with our immigration solicitors in UK all the details and formalities. Contact us right away.