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Fiance Visa for UK

Fiance Visa for UK

Very similar to the spouse visa, the fiance visa for UK allows a person who intends to marry a British citizen or a permanent resident in the UK (a sponsor) to come into the country to join his/her partner. The conditions which come with such a visa can be explained by our immigration solicitors in London who can also offer complete information about any other type of visa necessary to enter the UK. Furthermore, our team can assist you when applying for a work permit in UK or for residence permit in UK.

Requirements for fiance visa for UK 

In order to receive the fiance visa, you have to meet the following circumstances and criteria:

  1. The partners must be over 18 years of age.
  2. Your sponsor planned to get married to you within six months from the date of the visa application.
  3. The persons must know each other previous to the date the application is made.
  4. They have to plan to live together permanently.
  5. The candidate disposes of enough funds or the partner is obliged to prove he/she is able to financially support the UK fiance visa applicant, including the dependants if any, without having to appeal to public funds.
  6. The couple has to prove details about adequate accommodation at their disposal.
  7. The persons must have a satisfactory level of the English language unless they are citizens of certain countries.
  8. Different from most visas of this kind, it isn’t required for the couple to prove that they have lived together.

What are the conditions of the fiance visa for UK?

Candidates are granted a fiance visa for a six-month period, during which they must come to live in the UK and get married to their partner. The fiance visa for UK doesn’t allow the candidate to work in the UK during the six months’ time. After getting married, the candidate has to apply for a marriage visa which, if granted, is available for 60 months, with the possibility of renewal after 33 months before the candidate is able to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR). You might want to see the following video presentation:

Dependants of the UK fiance visa applicant

The children of the UK fiance visa candidate have to be younger than 18 years of age and they have to be named on the application. However, you have to apply for your minor dependants separately.  Our UK immigration lawyer is specialized in providing the most effective solutions for all immigration issues in this country. We can assist you with legal and objective answers in connection to the probable result of your case. You can also be helped for obtaining a UK residence card.

Fiance visa requirements for citizens from special countries

Besides the conditions mentioned above, there are also special requests which involve citizens from countries like Ghana, Russia, China, Thailand, India, Philippines, Kenya, Belarus, Ukraine, where a medical investigation is necessary when applying for a fiance visa for UK, including a tuberculosis test. Please consider that if the candidate for a UK fiance visa is working and living for a temporary period in another country, he/she must provide details about the work permit and the residence permit in UK. If not, the foreign citizen should apply for a UK fiance visa in the home country at the British Embassy.

Financial requirements for a fiance visa for UK

The visa application requires attention when it comes to personal funds. Therefore, the applicant must demonstrate that he/she meet a specific minimum financial threshold. In the case of couples, GBP 18,600 must be the minimum annual income. Yet, the sum increases with GBP 3,8000 if a child is involved, or GBP 2,4000 for the second child. The UK authorities and especially the immigration office accepts finances coming from savings, pension payments, regular salary, property financial gains, stocks and shares, regular incomes from property rentals. We remind you that having a fiance visa for UK does not grant you access to public funds. The application for a fiance visa for UK is straightforward as long as you respect all the steps and conditions involved. The legal support provided by our UK immigration lawyer will prove extremely helpful, especially if you want to take part in a correct and smooth visa application process.

English language requirements for foreign citizens

Our immigration lawyers in London can provide you with details about the requirements regarding the English language when applying for a fiance visa. For instance, you must prove you speak and write in the English language by passing the English test accepted by the test providers in UK. IELTS (International English Language Test System) is a well-known test in the UK, which is available for students and also for citizens outside EU (European Union) and EEA (European Economic Area) who want to apply for a fiance visa to join the partner, a British citizen. There are also English language exemptions for fiance visa applications. For instance, such requirements are not imposed for persons over 65 years of age, victims of domestic abuse, or individuals having higher qualifications recognized by NARIC (National Recognition Information Centre for UK). The English requirements for a visa for UK should be attentively measured and verified. You can discuss all the aspects with one of our immigration solicitors in London who can also help you obtain British citizenship.

Proving you are in a genuine relationship

The genuine relationship requirement is an important part of the fiance visa application. The candidate must provide complete information about the relationship, most of the time related to evidence like joint accounts, bank statements, accommodation, birth certificates (including birth certificates of children, if any), reference letters from family members, or declarations made by close friends or colleagues. Proving the relationship is genuine is a significant part related to the fiance visa application in UK, so it is best to pay attention to this aspect from the start and discuss all the terms with our London immigration lawyer.

Can I apply for a fiancé visa outside UK?

Yes, anyone over 18 years of age who respects the conditions for obtaining a fiancé visa can enter the UK. Among the conditions for obtaining such a visa, one should prove they intend to get married and permanently live in the country. The financial requirements are extremely important and need to be considered before the application for a fiancé visa for UK is made. For instance, evidence for a minimum of GBP 18,600 per year must be provided at the time the application is made. Having suitable accommodation in UK and minimum knowledge of the English language is among the requirements for obtaining a fiancé visa for UK. Let our London immigration lawyer tell you more about the visa conditions in UK and about the whole process for obtaining the fiancé visa for UK. Some might find it difficult to apply for a UK visa, so legal advice and support can be obtained from the start. The same team can help you obtain UK residence card.

How much does it take to obtain the fiancé visa for UK?

Depending on the complexity of the application and if the conditions are entirely respected, a fiancé visa can be obtained in approximately 8 weeks if applied from UK or 12 weeks if the process starts from abroad. Some might fail to meet all the requirements involved, and in most of the cases, according to the Home Office (the ministerial department supported by more than 29 agencies in UK), these are related to the financial conditions imposed. It is important to know that foreigners should make proof of their finances and avoid applying for public funds in UK. We also remind that a fiancé visa is available for 6 months, with the possibility of applying for an extension and/or another type of visa, if it is the case.

Short facts about spouse visas for UK

A fiancé visa is very similar to a spouse visa, and both involve the same requirements, except the fact that you cannot work with a fiancé visa for UK, compared to the spouse visa which grants this right. Also, having a spouse visa for UK allows foreigners to have part-time jobs or be self-employed, as long as they are registered for tax purposes and respect the rules of Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs. Two and a half years is the validity of a spouse visa for UK, with the possibility of prolonging this status or apply for a new kind of visa, depending on the needs and plans in this country. One should know that special spouse visa applications are treated with high priority and might involve families without a home and looking for such kind of visa for UK. The same thing is available for persons who cannot afford the costs of obtaining a spouse visa for UK. The authorities in UK pay much attention to these cases and provide support and assistance right from the beginning of the visa application, where complete legal advice can be offered by one of our immigration lawyers in London.

FAQ about fiancé visa for UK

1.  Can I apply for a fiancé visa from outside UK?

Yes, there are no restrictions in this matter, and citizens outside UK can easily apply for a fiancé visa, as long as they respect the conditions involved.

2. What is the validity of a fiancé visa?

A fiancé visa is available for 6 months, with the possibility of renewing it or change it to another type of visa. During this time, individuals need to get married.

3. Can I work in UK with a fiancé visa?

No, you cannot work in UK having a fiancé visa. This thing is possible with a spouse visa which can be obtained as soon as you got married in this country.

4. Will personal details be verified?

Yes, the Home Office can verify your personal information, like marital status, finances, police records, and similar matters. Couples need to prove they have a relationship and intend to get married and live in the UK.

5. Can I bring family members having a fiancé visa?

Yes, you can bring your dependents under 18 years of age by having them on your visa application. It is best to ask for legal advice in this matter because the visa application might be subject to special formalities and difficulties.

6. Are there English requirements as part of the fiance visa application?
Yes, the candidate must provide he/she has a solid knowledge of the English language. The IELTS test is accepted as part of the fiance visa application.

7. How long does it take to obtain the fiance visa for UK?
The fiance visa is normally issued within 8 weeks, if the application is made in UK, or 12 weeks if the visa process started outside the country. In any case, our immigration solicitors in London will provide complete legal advice and will oversee the entire process.

8. Is there a condition regarding personal funds for fiance visa?
Yes, a couple must prove they obtain at least GBP 18,600/year in order to qualify for a fiance visa. In the case of children, the sum will change, but all the details can be offered by our experts.

9. Do I need to prove the relationship is genuine?
Yes, the immigration authorities will ask for specific details and documents that sustain the relationship is genuine. It is best to provide such information right from the start.

10. Do I need an immigration lawyer in London to apply for a fiance visa for UK?
Yes, we strongly recommend you to get in touch with one of our immigration lawyers in London who can help you from a legal point of view.

Choosing our immigration lawyers in London

Our team of immigration solicitors in London is dedicated to each case, so complete attention is provided right from the start. We know it is a priority for you to obtain the needed visa (in this case, the fiance visa) for UK, so, we will act in your best interest by providing complete legal advice, support, and guidance. A fiance visa application process might prolong for a while, yet our immigration solicitors in London will offer the proper solutions for your case, in order to enjoy the best possible results. We have experience in a wide range of immigration matters, so a fiance visa for UK enters our attention. We helped many foreigners obtain the needed visa and we believe we work closely with our clients with complete professionalism, confidence, and efficiency. Looking for support and legal advice for obtaining a fiance visa for UK? We have a dedicated team of immigration solicitors in London who can explain all the requirements imposed by the law in this case. We will gladly help you, and discuss all the terms right from the beginning. They can also help you obtain British citizenship.

Immigration in UK

UK is home to numerous citizens who found proper working and living conditions and who enjoy thriving in a country with a multitude of possibilities and benefits. Even if Brexit will come with a series of changes regarding the immigration in UK, this doesn’t mean that foreigners will not be welcomed in the country, but the new visa rules need to be fully understood. Here are some facts about immigration in UK:

  • according to the Office for National Statistics in UK, around 14,3% was the percent of immigrants in UK in 2017;
  • more than 627,000 people arrived in UK during September 2017- September 2018;
  • over the last 2 years (2017 and 2018), the emigration level remained unchanged;
  • more than 213,000 foreign citizens can to UK for work during September 2017- September 2018.

For complete information about how to obtain a fiance visa for UK, we recommend you to get in touch with our team of immigration solicitors in London.