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Family Visa for UK

Family Visa for UK

Family visas or “family of a settled person” visas for UK are granted when a person from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland applies to join family or a partner living permanently inside the UK for a period of six months or more. However, if you are already married to a UK citizen or permanent resident, the spouse visa will apply. Our immigration solicitors in London can provide you with some wide-ranging details about how to apply for a family visa in UK, a residence permit in UK, and the requirements in this matter. Also, you may address to our team if you are a settled citizen in the UK and you are interested in obtaining British citizenship.

Requirements for family visas in UK

In order to be eligible for the family visa, you have to prove that:

  • you are 18 years of age or older unless you are applying as a child;
  • your relationship with your family member is veritable;
  • you intend to continue living together with your family member or partner inside the country after the date of your application;
  • you and your family have suitable accommodation in the UK;
  • you possess satisfactory knowledge of the English language unless you are a citizen of certain countries;
  • you have taken the tuberculosis test if you originate from a country where such tests have to be made.  Besides offering you information about the family visa for UK, our lawyers can guide you about other visas too. For instance; if you are interested in UK innovator visa, our lawyers can help you throughout the application process. It is always recommended to get help from immigration experts whenever you apply for a visa. Their assistance prevents you from making any mistakes and protects you from any unnecessary delays.

UK family visa for joining your partner

If you want to join a partner who is living permanently in the UK, you have to prove that you and your partner are at least 18 years of age and that your relationship is genuine. You and your partner have to:

  • be married or be civil partners;
  • have been living together in a relationship for at least two years;
  • be engaged or about to become civil partners.

You have to meet the financial requirements of:

  • GBP 18,600 per year if the application is made only for yourself;
  • GBP 22,400 per year for yourself and one child and GBP 2,400 per year for each additional child.

If you are engaged, you have to prove that you intend to get married or form a civil partnership within six months from the date of your arrival in the UK. During your engagement, you will not have the right to work. If you plan to bring your children to the UK, they have to be under 18 years of age and you will have to apply for them separately. Besides this, if you are interested in an UK investor visa, our lawyers can help you get one. The tier 1 investor visa is a highly sought-after visa for foreign investors looking to invest in the United Kingdom. Individuals can live and work in the UK while also contributing to the country’s economy. However, certain conditions must be met to apply for this type of visa. So, if you are interested to learn about those requirements, get in touch with our lawyers. 

Family visa in the UK for joining your parents

If you are a child under 18 years of age, you can apply for a family visa for UK under the following requirements:

  • you must live with your parent or with your single parent;
  • you have to prove that you are not married, in a civil partnership or that you are not living alone;
  •  you have to prove that you are supported financially by your parents and that you have appropriate accommodation, without having to use public funds.

A family visa for UKcan also imply that you are coming to the country to look after your child or to be looked after if you are an adult-dependent relative. If you need more details on the requirements for these cases, please notify our UK immigration lawyer. They can also help obtain UK residence card or British citizenship.

Spouse visa for UK

The spouse visa comes with about the same requirements as for a marriage visa and it is available for citizens outside the EEA or from Switzerland. The partners need to be at least 18 years of age, plan to live together in the UK and dispose of enough financial resources to sustain themselves without asking or applying for public funds. We mention that a marriage visa can be obtained by partners who make proof of the engagement, but considering that once having this visa, they must get married within 6 months, and they cannot apply for a job in the UK, as a different kind of visa is necessary.

What you can do with a family visa in UK

Once the family visa has been issued, you can also bring your minor children in the UK. Even better, when applying for a family visa, make sure to apply for a spouse visa dependent, considering the financial requirements in this matter. A family visa allows citizens to work in the UK with the same benefits as any other national in the country. Please keep in mind that if for any reason your visa application has been rejected, our UK immigration lawyer is ready to provide you with complete support and assistance in immigration issues. Also, your visa application might prolong if several documents and requirements must be fulfilled or the English language condition is not met yet.

How can I obtain a marriage visitor visa for UK?

The marriage visitor visa for UK is needed for citizens interested in registering a civil partnership or wanting to get married in UK. The candidates who want to apply for such a visa must be at least 18 years of age, must support themselves from a financial point of view without asking for public funds, and need to give notice with the intention of entering a civil partnership or getting married within 6 months. The marriage visitor visa offers a series of advantages, among which, living in UK for more than just a couple of days or months if repeated visits are made, can work in UK, and can also attend colleges in this country. Obtaining such a visa is not complicated, however, it is best to ask for legal support from our London immigration lawyer. They can also help you obtain a residence permit in UK.

Family visa extension

The extension of the family visa can be made while living in UK. Also, if you came in UK under a different visa and you need to switch it to a family visa, this is possible if you intend to stay with your parents, partner, or children in UK. You can also apply on the basis of your private life if:

  • You are under 18 years of age and lived in UK for the past 7 years.
  • You are between 18 and 24 years of age and you already lived in UK for half of your life.

Family members can apply on the same application, yet for a better understanding of the family visa requirements, feel free to address one of our immigration solicitors in London. Also, the fee waiver request form is available to persons who cannot afford the costs for a family visa extension.

Timeframe for family visa UK

The family visa UK is ready in approximately 12 weeks, depending on the documents if these respect the requirements imposed by the UK Visa and Immigration. This timeframe is available to foreign citizens making an application outside UK. In the case of citizens applying for a family visa from UK, the issuance of such a visa takes around 8 weeks. You can receive the family visa UK even faster, but you need to pay a specific fee. In case you do not meet the minimum income requirement, the English skills, and if your criminal record is not clear, the family visa application can be rejected. Legal advice and representation are offered by our UK immigration lawyer to foreigners interested in relocation to UK.

Family reunion to join a partner in UK as a refugee

Foreigners with refugee status or under humanitarian protection in Great Britain can apply for family reunification in UK. The immigration authorities are aware of the refugees registered in UK and provide a relaxed immigration policy in this matter. Plus, refugees or persons found under humanitarian protection can get legal help for family reunification to join a partner in UK.

Cases in which you cannot apply for a family visa

There are special circumstances under which foreigners cannot apply for a family visa. For instance, a family visa is not granted to persons with family members who have a student visa or a temporary work visa. Also, visitor visas cannot be switched to a family visa UK.

Details about your incomes when applying for a family visa UK

At least GBP 18,600/year is the required income for you and your partner when applying for a family visa UK. In the case of children with non-British parents, or from EEA nationals, the income requirements change, meaning that one must provide GBP 3,800 for the first child or GBP 2,400 for each child after the first one. The minimum income requirement also specifies that foreign citizens can use proof of their savings for the family visa UK application. If you would like to know more about this condition, and about UK residence permit, you can talk to our UK immigration lawyer.

UK immigration and visa policies after Brexit

Starting with 2020, February the 1st, the UK is no longer part of the European Union. After 47 years of being a solid part of the European block, the United Kingdom decided to leave the EU and withdraw from a series of agreements and settlements. According to recent debates, it seems that the Australian points-based immigration system is more likely to be implemented in UK, but for the moment there are uncertainties in this direction. This immigration point-based system involves highly skilled migrants the only ones who should be implemented in UK. Developed concerns have been raised by foreign companies established in UK in terms of employment and work permits, and particularly enterprises established in the manufacturing sector that believe they will lose important workforce. We remind that the Brexit transition period prolongs until the end of 2020, a time when the UK authorities will have to conclude all the aspects and also the legislation regarding the immigration in UK. Even if certain changes in the immigration system will take place in UK, it is always a good idea to have the legal support of an immigration solicitor in London.

Immigration rules in UK – what you need to know

For the moment, the immigration rules will remain the same, especially during the transition period of exiting the European Union. The family visa for UK needs to be obtained by non-EU citizens interested in living and working in this country alongside their family members already established in the country. Persons over 18 years of age can apply for such a visa if they offer information about the family members living in UK, if they have knowledge of the English language and if they can support themselves without asking for public funds. In the case of work permits for citizens outside the European Economic Area interested in working in UK, these can be issued for those who have at least 3 years of experience in the chosen domain and who present specific diplomas. In the case of investors in UK, they must apply for a Tier 1 visa and make investments of at least GBP 2 million. Students can easily attend prestigious colleges in UK if they obtain a specific visa, the Tier 4 visa for students. All the information you need about how to apply and obtain a student visa can be solicited from one of our advisors.

Why immigrate to UK?

The UK offers a multitude of opportunities for foreign citizens looking for a better life and conditions. The exceptional education system is very much appreciated on an international level, and among the conditions for entering a prestigious college, we mention excellent English knowledge (written and spoken), medical insurance, and sufficient funds to sustain the living during the college years. The healthcare system in UK is another reason to choose this country for a better living. The National Health System covers a series of medical treatments and benefits to those registered in this structure. We remind that emergency medical care is offered to anyone, regardless of their nationality, status, or related aspects.

In matters of British citizenship, this can be acquired if foreigners lived for at least 5 years in UK, they present a clear criminal record and complete knowledge about life and culture in UK. We have gathered facts and statistics about immigration in UK that you can find them interesting:

  1. More than 14 million people arrived in UK since 1990, 9 million of them leaving the country, as recent statistics say.
  2. Around 609,000 citizens moved to UK during June 2018 and June 2019.
  3. More than 397,000 people left UK during June 2018 and June 2019.
  4. More than 229,000 citizens from non-EU countries moved to the UK than left during the same period mentioned above.

FAQ about family visa UK

1. What is the minimum age requirement for a family visa uk?
Persons over 18 years of age can apply for a family visa UK. He or she needs to prove the relationship with the family member.

2. Can I join the partner in UK with a family visa?
Yes, if you intend to get married in UK or form a civil partnership, you can apply for a family visa. The condition is to get married within 6 months from the date of the arrival.

3. Can I join the parents in UK?
Yes, a family vis UK can help you join the parents living in this country. Information about personal funds will be solicited.

4. Can I bring the minor child to UK with a family visa?
Yes, a family visa UK allows you to bring your minor child or children. You can discuss with our immigration lawyers in London all the legal aspects.

5. What is the minimum income to prove for a family visa application?
GBP 18,600/year is the minimum income required for a family visa UK application.

6. Will UK authorities check the criminal record?
Yes, a clear criminal record is required at the time the family visa UK application is made.

7. Can visitor visas be switched to family visas in UK?
No, you cannot switch the visitor visa to a family visa for UK.

8. Can I benefit from healthcare services if I have a family visa UK?
Yes, you need to register with the authorities and have medical insurance in order to receive emergency treatments. Other conditions apply.

9. Can I ask for public funds with a family visa?
No, you cannot access public funds with a family visa for UK.

10. Can I apply for a family visa as a refugee?
Refugees and persons under humanitarian protection have a special status. They can apply for family reunification in UK.

We offer a wide range of services for many types of visas in the UK. Over the course of many years, we have assisted numerous clients with their immigration applications and we were able to turn their immigration objectives into reality. Please contact one of our immigration solicitors in London now if you have any questions regarding any immigration issues in the UK.