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Entry Clearance in UK

Entry Clearance in UK

Officers at the British missions use entry clearance procedure for checking a person before entering the United Kingdom. Through this procedure, it is established if the person qualifies to enter the UK, under the immigration rules. More so, there are some cases where the entry clearance is optional and, in others, it is mandatory. In all cases, the authority of admitting someone to entry in the UK rests in the hands of the IO (immigration officers), who are at the port of entry. As part of the application procedure, the applicants have to submit biometric information and pay a visa fee as well. Our immigration solicitors in London can offer support in this matter and for obtaining UK residence card or British citizenship.

Requested fees for entry clearance

The fee regulations will detail all individual charges that are applicable to the available services. Within these regulations, the details for exceptions are also included, as well as fee waivers. More information regarding visa fees can be found here, where you will also find the information on fees for dependents. The visa fee will be paid by every applicant. In case there are more applicants and they all have to complete the same type of form, they will generally be charged the same fee.

The amount can be paid online, by following the provided instructions. If it is not mandatory to pay the fee online, our UK immigration lawyer can advise you on what method to use. The fees will be set in pounds (GBP), as it is mentioned in the UK legislation and, in case of any changes, they will be approved by the United Kingdom Parliament. Of course, if the applicant will provide the biometrics in another country, he/she can pay in the locally accepted currency. Also, the exchange rate is determined only by the “UK Consular Rate of Exchange” and can be subject to change. Would you like details about a residence permit in UK or about British citizenship? Please talk to our London immigration lawyer.

Are there any other charges requested?

If the visa applicant will want to stay in the country for more than six months, he or she will be subject to the surcharge for immigration health; our London immigration lawyer can offer in-depth details. In some locations, an additional fee will be applied for using the application center or any other facilities which process visa applications. Also, if appointments are set outside the centers’ opening hours or if the person will need to retain his or her passport, while the application is in process, additional fees might be applicable. Talk to our advisors for extra details in this matter or for obtaining a residence permit in UK. Information about UK residence card can be offered on request by our UK immigration lawyer.

For any other information regarding the discussed subjects or regarding the legal services provided by our immigration solicitors in London, do not hesitate to contact us.