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Employee/ Personnel Relocation to UK

Employee/ Personnel Relocation to UK

Employee relocation to UK is a process that can be supervised by one of our local immigration specialists. When you decide on opening a business in this country and you also want personnel relocation to UK, it is good to know the immigration legislation. Starting from this point, we recommend the services offered by our UK immigration lawyers, and in the following lines, you can find out some important information about employee relocation to UK.

Visa and work permits for employee/personnel relocation to UK

Employee relocation to UK begins with the necessary visa and work permit applications. After Brexit (the exit of the UK from the European Union), citizens from the EEA (European Economic Area) must apply for a skilled worker visa, alongside non-EU citizens. Here are some formalities and conditions for obtaining this type of permit:

  • You must present the certificate of sponsorship, made by the employing company. This document must describe the activities you will undertake in the company.
  • The job must exist on the list of eligible occupations in UK.
  • The employing company must be approved by the Home Office.
  • The employment contract must include information about the minimum salary offered.
  • You must also prove your knowledge of the English language.

We specify that the skilled worker visa is valid for 5 years and can be extended. On the other hand, if you are not eligible for this type of work permit, there are other categories where you can fit in:

  • work permits for representatives of a foreign business,
  • domestic workers,
  • temporary workers,
  • sportspersons, etc.

We remind you that you can discuss more about employee/personnel relocation to UK with one of our local specialists. Our immigration lawyer in UK can offer you the support you need in this endeavor.

Priority for personnel in companies in the UK

If you are wondering who has priority in employment in the UK labor market, you should know that local workers are the ones who fill the first vacancies. In this sense, the list of shortage occupations can be found on the official platform of the UK government, and if they cannot be covered by local labor, the employment of foreign workers can be allowed.
From here, depending on their country of origin, employee/personnel relocation to UK involves a series of aspects and conditions for a correct immigration from a legal point of view. If you would like to relocate to UK for business purposes or other reasons, you can get in touch with as at any time.

How long does it take to issue a work visa in the UK?

A work visa in UK can be issued in a maximum of 3 weeks, if the application was made in the UK or a maximum of 8 weeks, if the applications and documents were submitted from outside the country, respectively from the country of origin of the workers. You should know that we help foreigners with immigration to UK from any country in the world.

Working with our UK immigration lawyers

In terms of employee/personnel relocation to the UK, it is very important that everything takes place quickly and legally. Starting from these aspects, we recommend working with our immigration law firm in the UK to be able to benefit from specialist support and advice. Our specialists can successfully manage everything related to the preparation of documents and communication with the relevant authorities, among others.

Here are some statistical data about the jobs available on the UK market in varied fields:

  • The official website of the UK government has listed around 2,400 jobs as quality control and planning engineers.
  • More than 2,400 architects are needed, while more than 2,200 veterinarians are needed.
  • The same list shows that over 6,100 jobs are available as care workers and home carers in private households in the UK.

If you want detailed information about employee/personnel relocation to UK, we invite you to contact us as soon as possible. Our immigration lawyers in UK can explain the relocation conditions for foreign workers.