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Cost of Living for an Immigrant in UK

Cost of Living for an Immigrant in UK

The UK is considered a special country, with lots of opportunities, opened doors, and great culture, where immigrants can integrate quite fast. The cost of living in the UK will pretty much depend on the chosen city because, as we all know, the big and important cities have high standards of living which align with the major metropolises worldwide. Once you have decided to relocate to the UK it is important to search for accommodation, education, health insurance, food, transport, and also entertainment. If you need a visa to enter the UK we recommend you our team of immigration solicitors in London who can provide you with information and assistance in this matter.

Accommodation costs in the UK

Numerous immigrants start searching for houses near the important cities in the country, due to low prices for condominiums, apartments or studios. For instance, the monthly rent can start from £300 and end at £4000 for a deluxe apartment in London. Manchester, Birmingham or Liverpool are among the most expensive cities in the UK, where the rent can start from £350 to £800 for an apartment with two rooms. More in this matter can be offered by our UK immigration lawyer.

Transportation costs in the UK

Once you have found details about the job, the accommodation or about the school for your child, it is time to search for a proper means of transportation. As a recommendation, you can always choose the bus or the subway instead of a personal car, for financial reasons at the beginning. If you want a yearly subscription for the London bus fare, you should prepare around £700 or £18 for a monthly subscription. If you want to grab a cab from time to time, the tariff starts with £4, and if you wish to take the subway, you should prepare around £3 for a trip. We remind that people who want to enter the UK as highly skilled immigrants should seek info about the needed visas in this matter from our UK immigration lawyer

Education costs for your child in the UK 

Immigrants who come to the UK and wish to offer a suitable education for their children have the possibility to register them with the primary school which is tax-free. For a boarding school in the UK, the parents can pay around £25,000 per year. As for the immigrants who want to study in the UK, they can choose from a varied range of important colleges in cities like Cambridge, Oxford, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham and of course London. The annual rate for attending courses in the UK starts at £9,000, but most colleges have official websites and contact details where you can solicit information in this matter. Our London immigration lawyer can also provide legal support.

Food prices in the UK

The UK aligns with the countries where food and beverages are expensive. It is true, you can choose from a wide range of products but you can also make your own meals if you don’t enjoy that much the local cuisine. Immigrants have the possibility to integrate into numerous communities where they can find restaurants or food corners with products from their home country. Interested in more aspects? Talk to our London immigration lawyer.

The UK can be an excellent choice for all citizens in search of a better life where they can accommodate quite fast, but they should consider the costs in this country. Please feel free to contact our team of immigration solicitors in London for complete details about our immigration services.