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Cancellation of Leave to Enter or Remain in UK

Cancellation of Leave to Enter or Remain in UK

When a person arrives in the UK and already has a leave (in force before arrival) to enter or remain in the country, that document may be canceled by an immigration officer. A person with the right of abode and who is neither a Commonwealth citizen nor a British citizen is entitled to enter or even remain in the United Kingdom. Under the 2006 EEA Regulations provisions, everyone in the above situation will require leave to enter the UK. Our immigration solicitors in London can offer in-depth assistance in this matter and for UK residence card or British citizenship. You can rely on the support of our UK immigration lawyer.

Conditions if the leave is granted

When admitted to the United Kingdom, under Sections three and four from the 1971 Immigration Act, a person is subject to control so the immigration officer may give leave to enter the country for a limited amount of time. Besides that, if the leave is granted, the officer may also impose all or some of the following situations:

  1.  a case which restricts employment or occupation within the country,
  2.  a condition which requires the persons to accommodate themselves and any of their dependents, without recurring to the public funds,
  3.  a situation which requests the person to register with the police,
  4.  a condition which does not allow his or her studies within the United Kingdom,
  5.  a case (which may be applied) where the person has to report to the appropriate Medical Officer of the Environmental Health.

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How a person receives notice

Knowingly remaining, beyond the time limit, inside the United Kingdom is considered an offence, under Section 24 of the 1971 Act. The person will be given notice of the conditions and time limit by the immigration officer through a written notice within the passport or travel document or in any other manner that is permitted by the 2000 Immigration Order. Basically, the power to cancel or refuse leave and entry clearance is in the hands of the immigration officers and the secretary of state. More details can be offered by our London immigration lawyer.

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