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Assistance and Representation for Immigrants in UK

Assistance and Representation for Immigrants in UK

Citizens from outside EU (European Union) who want to relocate to the UK can receive complete legal assistance in immigration matters from our immigration solicitors in London who are specialized in this area. Our team can offer a varied range of immigration services in cases like naturalization, obtaining a permanent visa, UK residence card, applying for a work permit or for a student visa, or in several corporate matters.

Assistance on immigration matters in UK

The immigration legislation is a complex area of Civil Law, providing the legislative framework regulating the immigration flow in UK.  Our UK immigration lawyer can offer assistance for your visa application in UK and can provide you with an approach to your case in order to maximize the rate of success. Here is how we can help:

  1. Our team can assist persons interested in visiting UK to obtain a standard visitor visa which has been introduced in 2015.
  2. This type of visa, which can be issued for a period of a maximum of six months, replaced a set of visas, such as a family visitor visa or business visitor visa.
  3. Assistance for family members of persons who are UK citizens or for the process of receiving work permits here can be received on request.
  4. Companies with establishments in London that are seeking to hire foreign employees from outside EU (European Union) can do this as long as the individuals have received permission to work in the UK.

In the situation in which the persons don’t have unrestricted permission to work on the UK’s territory, the employer can obtain a sponsor license for future employees. A UK residence card is also required.

Representation on immigration issues in UK 

Immigrants who have not received their permits to access the UK can present their cases to our advisors who can offer their insight on the status of the application. Our team of advisors can also predict if it is possible to appeal in court the decisions taken by the immigration authorities.

How do I obtain a work permit in UK?

From the beginning, it is good to know that citizens from the EU or from EEA (European Economic Area) do not need to apply for a work permit. The Home Office and Immigration Agency in UK issue the work permits for other categories of citizens who need to consider a few important aspects. For example, a work permit is granted in accordance with the professional level and area of expertise. In UK, a foreign citizen can apply for a work permit for domestic workers, members of religious orders, skilled workers, talented people, or for people in search of temporary work in UK. Furthermore, if you are an investor looking to open a company in UK, a Tier 1 visa for entrepreneurs is necessary, besides a minimum share capital of about GBP 50,000. People who want to apply for a work permit must offer details about the employer who is going to be considered a sponsor in such case, a recognized diploma, and at least three years of experience. In any situation, whether you want to work in UK or set up a firm, our UK immigration lawyer can help with legal support. They can also help you obtain British citizenship.

Conditions to obtain a family visa in UK

Citizens outside EU or EEA who want to join a partner already settled in UK have the possibility of applying for a family visa in UK. This type of document is issued if the person is over 18 years of age, intends to live in the country, provides details about accommodation in UK, has English knowledge and passed the tuberculosis test. One should know that UK also issues the family visa for joining your partner which can be granted if there is a marriage or an engagement involved and the couple has been living together for at least two years. Furthermore, the foreign citizen must meet the financial requirements, in order to prove that he/she can support himself/herself during the stay in the UK with the family.

Obtain British citizenship

British citizenship is the same thing as the naturalization in UK and this status is available for citizens living in the country for at least five years without spending more than 90 days per year outside UK. Besides that, the person who wants to obtain British citizenship must pass the “Life in the UK test”. It is good to know that persons married to a British citizen can apply for citizenship if they have lived for at least three years in the UK. Complete information about how to obtain British citizenship and the requirements in this matter can be obtained from our London immigration lawyer. Even if, for varied reasons, your application for citizenship in UK has been denied, our team can analyze the grounds and can offer legal support in front of the authorities.

What happens to stateless persons in UK?

Stateless persons are citizens who for varied reasons do not have a country to call home, so they need to ask for the support of organizations of other states. The UK has open doors for stateless persons who feel persecuted in other countries. This means that they can live in UK by soliciting asylum. According to British legislation, asylum seekers can stay in UK for approximately 2 years and a half under the “leave to remain” status and permission. Assistance and support are offered to stateless persons in UK by our team of immigration solicitors in London, including for family members seeking asylum. Stateless persons will have to provide a valid passport, birth certificates, and also documents stating the immigration status or the request for asylum. It is important to know that an asylum seeker turns into a refugee if the request is accepted by the authorities. Refugees looking for a home are normally running from wars in their home countries, natural disasters, poverty, or the fear of persecution. Do not hesitate to talk to one of our immigration solicitors in London and ask for immediate legal advice. Depending on your case and circumstances, you might be eligible for legal aid. The same team can help you obtain a residence permit in UK.

How do I apply for a marriage visa in UK?

The spouse visa is available for 3 years and it is issued for persons married to a British citizen. Such a visa comes with a series of advantages like obtaining permanent residence, bringing the children to UK, and working part-time. Among the conditions for obtaining the marriage visa, we mention that citizens must have at least 18 years old, and prove they have sufficient funds for living in UK without accessing public funds. This kind of visa does not allow you to work anything else but accepted jobs. Also, family members except children must apply for the visa they want, instead of entering the country with the marriage visa of their siblings.

Applying for a student visa for UK

Persons wanting to study in UK have a multitude of opportunities, as the country is known for highly appreciated colleges and universities in the world. The Tier 4 student visa for the UK is needed for full-time courses in UK and it can be obtained under certain conditions. For instance, future students will have to prove they have excellent spoken and written English knowledge, enough funds to support themselves, and they have to pay for medical insurance. A maximum of 40 points needs to be achieved, referring to 30 points offered by the UKVI and 10 for paying for the courses in UK. In terms of assistance and representation for immigrants in UK, our team of advisors are at your disposal with in-depth legal advice and can guide you throughout the entire application process for a student visa for UK. Cambridge University, the London School of Economics and Political Science, the Nottingham University, University of London, University of Bristol, Leeds University, or the Imperial College London are only a few options for EU and non-EU immigrants wanting to attend prestigious colleges in UK.

Why immigrate to UK

Taking advantage of great healthcare and education systems is one of the reasons for relocating to UK. In terms of opportunities, foreigners can easily work in most of the industries in the country as long as they have the necessary permits and apply for work permits in compliance with the jobs they will have. Just like British citizens, foreigners have the same rights when it comes to job facilities, medical services, education and citizenship. Those interested in obtaining British citizenship will have to meet specific conditions like living in the country for at least 3 years, not being absent for more than 230 days in this time, and having enough knowledge of the English language. All the requirements for a residence permit in UK and also for naturalization in UK can be offered by our immigration lawyers in London. Below you can find a few statistics and numbers about the immigration in UK:

  • more than 627,000 citizens relocated to UK in 2018;
  • approximately 230,000 foreigners decided to work in UK in 2018;
  • there are more than 2.27 million citizens from EU countries working in UK, according to recent statistics;
  • more than 1.29 million non-EU citizens already work in Great Britain;
  • by the end of September 2018, more than 217,000 were students in UK.

It is important to have the legal advice of a team of immigration lawyers in London who can represent and assist foreigners in any visa application for UK. If you need assistance or legal representation on immigration issues in UK, please contact our London immigration lawyer.