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Application for UK Visa

Application for UK Visa

People interested in visiting or relocating to United Kingdom (UK) should know that they can be counseled by our London solicitors specialized in immigration cases. Our immigration solicitors in London can offer a wide range of immigration services, like obtaining a permanent visa in UK, residence permit in UK, British citizenship, different types of visas on an employment or family basis, and other services for corporate issues. There are two possible ways for applying for UK visa or UK naturalization. It is recommended to submit your UK visaapplication either through the “Border and Immigration Agency” of the Home Office services or through a UK consulate/High Commission/Embassy abroad, depending on the sort of visa you are applying for.

How to apply for a visa in the UK

With the proper help and guidance from our immigration solicitors in London, you can apply online, pay the fees, go to the appointment and post the visa application. You can apply online for a visa as follows:

  • UK visa to visit, work, study or join a family member or spouse in the UK ;
  • certificate of entitlement to show your right of residence in the UK.

Before you apply for UK visa you should first check what kind of visa and documents you need. When you apply online you need to:

  • complete the application form in English;
  • pay the visa fee online;
  • print out the form;
  • reserve an appointment at a visa application center.

In order to avoid any problems regarding your application for UK visa, it is necessary to solicit help and legal guidance from our London immigration lawyer. They can also help you obtain a UK residence card.

If you need notary services in London we can put you in touch with our partners. In addition to this, our lawyers can also assist you if you are interested in a tier 1 UK investor visa. You will not be required to meet any English language proficiency or maintenance funds requirement as an investor visa applicant. The specific requirements you must meet will depend on your circumstances. You should seek expert advice from an immigration lawyer. Get in touch with our UK immigration lawyers for detailed information in this regard. 

How to obtain a UK visa

Our UK immigration lawyer recommends you to apply through one of the visa application centers which are located everywhere in the world. Visa applications for the UK need to be completed in English and can take up to 15 working days to manage. It is suggested that you apply for a UK visa as soon as possible before you plan to move or visit the country. Furthermore, if you are interested in initiating a business in UK, our lawyers can help you. They will not only assist you with business incorporation but also guide you about the suitable visa type. With their legal services, you will be able to get an innovator visa in UK without hassle. For the services of our immigration lawyers in UK, get in touch with them.

How do I apply for a student visa?

UK offers a multitude of possibilities for foreigners looking to study at prestigious colleges like London Business School, Kingston University in London, the Royal College of Music or University of Westminster if the following visa requirements are fulfilled:

  1. Students under 16 years of age will have to be represented by a tutor who needs to give consent when applying for a child student visa.
  2. Excellent English, both spoken and written is mandatory when applying for a student visa.
  3. The student needs to have enough funds to support the living during the courses in UK;
  4. A medical insurance and proof the student has been accepted to a college in UK are important and necessary documents.

It is good to know that the maximum of 40 points (30 offered by the UKVI when the visa application is accepted and 10 points if you pay for the courses) is needed to obtain a student visa for UK. Let our London immigration lawyer can tell you more about the requirements for such kind of visa and about UK residence card or British citizenship.

How do I obtain a work permit in UK?

Work permits can be issued for domestic workers, representatives of foreign companies, or investors, entrepreneurs any many other categories. If you are a citizen from outside the European countries, it is important to apply for a work permit in order to legally work in UK. The Tier 1 visa is necessary for entrepreneurs looking for opening businesses in UK, as for temporary workers in sectors like sports, religious activities or charities, they will have to apply for a Tier 5 visa. In matters of conditions to obtain a work permit in UK, we mention that a foreigner needs to provide information about the job offer, the degree qualifications, and diplomas, plus experience in the particular field they want to work. In the case of domestic workers who can work as chauffeurs, medical assistants, cooks, or cleaners, they will have to apply for a work permit and prove they have experience for at least one year in the chosen domain. It is important to know that the relatives of foreigners working in UK will have to apply for a family visa, as the work permit does not allow entering UK as family members. Our UK immigration lawyers are at your service if you would like to apply for a work permit in UK.

If you need other legal services in London we can put you in touch with our partners.

Spouse visa in UK

Spouse visa is also known as the marriage visa which is needed for persons married to a citizen from United Kingdom. There are specific conditions for obtaining such a visa and among these, information about your financial status showing that you have enough funds to support your living in UK without asking for funds in this country. And the most important condition is to be at least 18 years of age and to be married to a UK citizen. As for the sponsoring spouse, he or she will have to show earnings of GBP 18,600/year, the necessary sum for supporting the other spouse in UK. The legislation in visa matters provides support for foreign citizens, meaning that they can change the type of visa (student visa, work visa) into a family visa with a validity of more than six months and the possibility of renewing it.

How do I relocate in UK?

The relocation process to UK as a foreign citizen is simple if you follow a few important steps and solicit legal advice from our immigration solicitors in London. The first thing to do is to apply for the needed visa: family visa, student visa, Tier 1 visa for entrepreneurs, visas for religious workers, etc. If you have a job offer in UK, it will be easier for you to obtain the needed visa. A bank account opened in UK is the next thing to consider if you intend to work in this country. Such an account is also needed to deposit your money and then make proof you have sufficient funds for living in UK. If you intend to relocate to UK with your minor children, you should decide on the type of school for them, state or independent. Foreign citizens have also the possibility of choosing international schools which direct exclusively to children from other countries and which offer a multitude of educational programes.

In the case you wish to bring your family pets to UK, you should ask for information about the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) and respect the rules regarding the vaccination, microchipping, residency declaration, blood test, and obtaining the PETS certification showing that your animals can enter UK. Living in UK means taking advantage of great schools, great jobs, and an excellent way of living. If you would like to know more about the conditions for obtaining a visa and about the new rules if UK exits the EU, you are advised to ask our team for legal support.

We can also offer support in applying for UK residency by investment.

How to become a UK citizen

You can apply to become a resident of the UK if you have lived in the country for at least 5 years before you submit your application. There are a number of other conditions that must also be taken into consideration. For instance, you must have acquired unlimited leave to stay in the UK, you must not have broken any immigration regulations, and you must have passed the “Life in the UK Test”. This test will allow every person to prove that they can speak English, as well as test the knowledge of British culture and traditions.

Please feel free to contact our UK immigration lawyers in London for any other information about application for UK visa or about a residence permit in UK.