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Application for Leave to Remain in UK

Application for Leave to Remain in UK

A person can apply for a leave to remain in UK if he/she has a residence card as a refugee or as a person with humanitarian protection and, in this case, there is no fee applied. Receiving indefinite leave to remain in the UK is one of the crucial steps in becoming a British Citizen. It can be a complex process, but our UK immigration lawyer is here to help in any situation. Make sure you address your inquiries to our immigration solicitors in London.

Leave to remain for family members

The partner and children of the applicant, if they are already in the United Kingdom as dependents, may be included in the application. If they can’t be included and if the family has been formed before the main applicant has left the country, then they can apply to be reunited with him/her within the UK. In case one of the following is true, the family members will be able to apply to join the applicant in the United Kingdom:

  •  the members of the family are not eligible for applying as the applicant’s partner or child – in which case they will apply separately for the leave,
  •  the family has been formed after the applicant’s departure from the country.

If the application is successful, the family members will receive permission to stay in the country for the same amount of time as the main applicant.   More in this matter can be offered by our UK immigration lawyer.

Application details and documents

Evidence must be provided along with the application and, regarding the period of time that the applicant must have already spent in the United Kingdom, the person depends on the category of the immigration which has been granted during that time.  Most of the visa categories do have restrictions that come attached to them. A person who wants to apply for a leave to remain in the United Kingdom must prove that he or she has observed the conditions of the visa, throughout the entire period spent outside the country, with no breaks in the lawful stay. The application will succeed or not depending on the period of absence. All of them have to be documented and evidence must be shown where appropriate. Our London immigration lawyer can tell you more.

Of course, original evidence must be provided at all times, showing that the person qualifies for the application and, by assessing the case individually, our immigration lawyer in the UK will be able to advise on specific details and the documents which need to be provided.

If there are any questions regarding the subject, you may solicit help and guidance from our immigration solicitors in London, so do not hesitate to contact us. Moreover, if you need a visa for UK, please send your inquiries to our London immigration lawyer.