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Application for Administrative Review in UK

Application for Administrative Review in UK

Any applicant can ask for an administrative review in the UK if he or she is allowed to do so. This information is received in the application refusal letter which arrives at the persons’ address when he/she is refused entry into the United Kingdom. Our immigration solicitors in London can offer legal advice in this matter and also representation. You can rely on the support of a UK immigration lawyer with experience in this matter.

How to apply for administrative visa review

There are two main possibilities of asking for a visa administrative review:

  •  if the person is outside of the United Kingdom,
  •  if the person is in the UK and her/his application has been refused.

Decision review

A person outside of the UK will be told, within the application refusal letter, if he or she can ask for the decision regarding the visa to be reviewed. Our immigration lawyers in the UK mentioned that this can be done only if all of the following situations apply:

  •  the person has applied from outside of the United Kingdom,
  •  he or she is outside of UK,
  •  the application has been refused on the 6th of April 2015 or after,
  •  the person does not have a right to appeal against the refusal,
  •  the application is not made as a short term student or as a visitor.

Applying for an administrative review can be done within 28 days after receiving the decision and the person must follow a few steps that can be explained by our London immigration lawyer:

  •  the administrative review application form which has been sent with the refusal letter must be filled by introducing the reasons for refusal and mention why you think that a mistake has been made;
  •  the completed form must be sent to the address written on the application refusal letter or it can be taken there in person.

After that, the errors you point out will be checked within the decision. Any other documents or information for review should only be sent if they are asked for. The result of the administrative review will be usually received within a period of 28 days. A second review can’t be requested, unless there were found new reasons why the person has been refused, during the review of the first decision. Talk to our London immigration lawyer for legal advice.

Review conditions

If the person makes any other visa application for immigration to the UK, the request for the administrative review will be canceled. After submitting a new application, the person is unable to ask for a review of a previous decision. He or she can only ask for the request to be withdrawn by simply writing to the Visa Application Centre where the application has been initially sent.  Within this letter, the name, nationality, date of birth, or one of the payment reference number or home office reference number must be included.

If there are any other questions regarding the subject, our immigration solicitors in London are always here to help, so don’t hesitate to contact us. Our UK immigration lawyer can offer assistance right away.