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Persons interested in visiting or extending their United Kingdom (UK) visa, as well as those who want to immigrate to UK, should seek legal advice from our immigration solicitors in London, who can offer the legal framework set out for each particular case. Our team of specialized immigration solicitors in London can offer you a wide range of legal services, such as assistance on the types of UK visas available for foreigners, asylum applications, and relocation documentation. We are prepared to offer you legal advice, support for the documentation stage, or legal representation in a UK court if needed. British citizenship can be obtained with complete legal support offered by our advisors.

 Quick Facts  
Entry visa requirement (from EU)  


Entry visa requirement (outside EU) 


Types of visas available 

– work visa

– business visa

– study visa

– visitor visa

– family visa

– settlement visa

– transit visa



Time frame for obtaining work visa (approx.) 

– 3 weeks, if you’re outside the UK

– 8 weeks, if you’re inside the UK

Validity of the temporary residence permit

Valid for the duration of your stay in the UK and up to ten years

Time frame for obtaining permanent residence (approx.)

– Spouse or unmarried partner to UK citizen: 2 years;

– Lawful stay on any basis: 10 years;

– Unlawful stay: 14 years;

– Tier 1 and Tier 2 work permit: 5 years;

– Investor, sportsperson, business owner, arts: 5 years;

– Ancestry: 5 years

Investor Visa Availability 


Sponsorship requirement 


Time frame for obtaining citizenship

You can apply for citizenship if you’ve lived in the UK for 5 years and have had one of the following for 12 months:

– indefinite leave to remain in the UK;

– settled status (also known as indefinite leave to remain under the EU Settlement Scheme);

– indefinite leave to enter the UK (permission to move to the UK permanently from abroad)

Citizenship/Residency by investment scheme availability Yes
Tax benefits for expats


Expats get two types of benefits:

– The Foreign Earned Income Exclusion (FEIE);

– Foreign Tax Credit.

Immigrate to UK

Our London immigration lawyer offers you assistance for the following services:

  •  immigration applications – referring to the issuance of tourists visas, marriage visas, family permits and residence permit in UK and other types of applications;
  • immigration appeals – provided for certain categories of immigration Tiers, as prescribed in the UK’s legislation;
  •  corporate immigration – our London immigration lawyer can offer you assistance for the issuance of an entrepreneur or investor visa. Furthermore, if you have just relocated to UK, and now you are interested in getting citizenship there. You can consult with our seasoned lawyers. They can guide you in detail about the criteria for acquiring UK citizenship, its procedure, and the costs associated with the whole process. With their comprehensive practical legal assistance, you can become a citizen of UK without any unnecessary delays.

We invite you to watch a video about how to immigrate to UK:

Natural persons/corporate immigration

Our team of immigration solicitors in London offers you support on the expiration of a visa that could lead to the removal of a person from the UK. They can also provide corporate services related to the immigration of foreign investors, entrepreneurs, employers and employees, and other categories of individuals who need immigration visas for business purposes. Persons wanting to open a company in the United Kingdom or those who want to work here can benefit from the services provided by our team, as they will need to receive an immigration/work visa. Our immigration lawyers in London, UK are specialized in their fields and are accredited by the British institutions; they have extensive knowledge of the immigration legislation applicable to various categories of citizens.

How can I apply for a student visa in the UK?

Are you a foreign citizen outside EU (European Union) looking to study in the UK? Our UK immigration lawyer can help you in this matter by offering complete guidance when applying for a student visa. If you have a place on a course and if you have sufficient funds to support yourself while living in the UK, you are a good candidate to solicit a UK student visa. We remind you that a test regarding your English skills will be mandatory. Support for UK residence card is offered. Furthermore, the services of our lawyers are also at your disposal if you are planning to apply for an investor visa in UK. The tier 1 investor visa category is for people who can make a significant capital investment in the UK. To qualify for an investor visa, you must have at least £2 million to invest in actively trading UK companies. For more details about this visa, get in touch with our lawyers.

How can I apply for a work permit, helped by our immigration lawyers in London, UK?

Persons from non-EU (European Union) or non-EEA (European Economic Area) countries have the possibility to work in the UK under special conditions, where a work permit is necessary. One should know that the Home Office and Immigration Agency in the UK issues such permits which can be ready in about 2 weeks after your application. Our UK immigration lawyer can guide you throughout the entire procedure. The investors who want to set up a company in the UK should solicit advice and information about the necessary documents to provide, as certain rules apply in this matter. Here is an infographic with extra details:

immigration uk

Apply for a Tier 2 visa for skilled workers in UK

Any individual who wants to work in the UK should know that a licensed sponsor is necessary before applying for a visa. As for the conditions to obtain a Tier 2 visa for skilled workers, we remind that the candidate needs to provide a sponsorship certificate, have a basic knowledge of the English language, and to offer details about his/her financial status. With this kind of visa, you can also have a second job in the country or study at one of the prestigious colleges in the UK. One must also apply for a residence permit in UK.

How can I apply for a family visa in UK?

Persons who want to apply for a family visa for UK need to be at least 18 years of age, have siblings in UK, and intend to stay in the country with the family members. Joining a partner in UK can be made with a family visa in UK if they are already living together for at least 2 years. Our team of immigration lawyers in London, UK can offer more details about the family visa applications and the related requirements.

Electronic visa waiver in the UK

If you are a national of Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, or the United Arab Emirates, you can receive an electronic visa waiver (EVW) instead of a visa. An EVW will set you back £30. You can stay in UK for up to 6 months on an EVW for vacation, business, study, or medical treatment purposes. However, you are required to apply for it between three months and 48 hours before arrival. To apply, you must have the following items:

  • Your current passport and address in the United Kingdom where you intend to stay;
  • Travel details, such as departure and arrival dates and times;
  • You must input your personal information precisely as it appears on your passport; any punctuation, such as spaces, hyphens, apostrophes, or full stops, is included;
  • Your travel information must also be correct. Every traveler, including minors, requires their EVW.

If someone else applies on your behalf, he/she must provide his/her contact information in addition to yours. Within 24 hours, you will get an email with a link to download your EVW. When visiting the United Kingdom, show your EVW. It may be printed or displayed on an electronic device like a phone or tablet. You would be unable to utilize your EVW to:

  • Work in the United Kingdom;
  • Marry or get into a civil relationship;
  • Enter in UK (only once). If you wish to return to the UK, you will need another EVW.

You can rely on the legal services of our lawyers located at our immigration law firm in London. They can provide you with detailed information and assistance if you are interested in applying for an electronic visa waiver. Our UK immigration attorneys can also help interested individuals to obtain citizenship in this country. 

How can I obtain permanent residence in UK?

The permanent residence in UK is known as indefinite leave to remain and it is issued for individuals over 18 years and who lived in the country for at least 5 years. If the person wants to continue living and working in UK, then a residence permit in UK is granted. As an imposed condition, we mention the knowledge of life in the UK and the English language. It is good to know that a permanent residence status grants the possibility of accessing public funds and can allow persons to apply for varied jobs in UK. A UK residency card, commonly known as an EEA biometric residence card, is no longer available for application.

Your residence card in the United Kingdom cannot be used to prove your eligibility for employment, housing, or living in the UK. You require a different kind of authorization to remain in the UK, such as established or pre-settled status under the EU Settlement Scheme, to continue residing there.

How can I obtain citizenship in UK?

British citizenship is obtained by persons who already have a permanent residence and lived for at least 3 years with such status. The UK citizenship test is mandatory when applying for naturalization in UK, but for more details in this sense, please address your inquiries to our immigration lawyers in London, UK.

Why immigrate to the UK?

The UK is a country that always offered plentiful opportunities in varied areas for all foreigners in search of a better life. The country is known for its flawless education system, healthcare, and transportation among many others. Immigrants are welcomed to explore the opportunities and to enjoy the benefits and the rights that come with every signed work contract in the country. We remind that immigrants can also start as self-employed persons, a matter in which our team of immigration lawyers in London, UK can help. British citizenship can be granted if applicants respect the rules.

If you are interested in immigration law and procedures in the UK, please get in touch with our experienced team of immigration solicitors in London who can provide you with legal assistance according to your needs. Legal advice and support for UK residence card and British citizenship are offered. If you would like to immigrate to another country, for example to Oman, we can put you in touch with our partners.

Immigration statistics in the UK

Please find below the immigration statistics in UK from 1995 to 2015:

  • In 2015, 8,543,120 immigrants entered the United Kingdom, about 12.34% higher from 2010;
  • In 2010, the United Kingdom welcomed 7,604,583 immigrants, a 28.32% raise from 2005;
  • There were 5,926,156 immigrants in UK in 2005, up 25.28% from 2000;
  • The number of immigrants in the United Kingdom in 2000 was 4,730,165, up 13.83% from 1995.

Contact our UK immigration lawyers if you are seeking any advice regarding the relocation procedures. Despite several visa limitations, the UK aids qualified workers in securing rewarding employment. In the UK, there are many opportunities for those who are highly skilled and knowledgeable in their field. If you have a skill and qualify for a job, all the paperwork and visa procedures can become much simpler. So, if you are planning immigration to UK, you can get in touch with our lawyers. They can guide you on how to initiate the whole relocation process. 

In addition to this, our UK immigration lawyers can also help you obtain residency in this country. So, you are welcome to rely on the legal services of our lawyers if you are planning to apply for permanent residency in UK.